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We do what we say! We don't discriminate which animal we rescue or rehome

Strong together

Sally's Rescues

If we want to change the world, we have to work together. We believe that every pet deserves a full life and at the heart of every animal welfare success story are two things: first, the incredible compassion of our supporters (like you!) who made it happen, and second, an inspiring mission that united all of us in the first place.  

At Sally's Rescues our mission has evolved overtime to reflect what we want to acomplish. Our mission is to ensure that these creatures get 2nd chance in life and are treated with kindness & respect.

We work with other inspiring animal welfare organisations, ones that do so much to better the lives of others out of pure and selfless compassion; to be the voice for companion animals needing rescue and/or rehoming

“The commoditising, abuse, mistreatment and neglect of companion animals has to stop. We have to speak up for these poor animals and fight for their welfare”

Helping Them Heal

Sally's Rescues

At Sally's Rescues we partner with other inspiring animal welfare organisations on special cases domestic animals. We help them heal by matching them with our wonderful foster carers before finding them forever loving homes that won't give up on them or let them down again. We provide care support & education to our fosters and adopters during adjustment period of the animal, ensuring we set them up for success. 

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