You Can't Change A Dog's Past But You Can Rewrite Their Future!

Kobe-  A Stray at high kill pound ( Rural NSW )

Kobe was the catalyst to our rescue group. Back in 2019, Raphaela spotted his post on Facebook. At the time she was a volunteer foster for a local rescue group. She asked them to save Kobe for her, told them she will foster & nurture him back to health. The rescue group agreed and a week later Kobe arrived in Melbourne VIC.

Kobe was emaciated, he was 10kg underweight. 90% of his body was covered with mange. He had skin infection, ear infection, eye infection and major dental work . The Vet told us he will need ongoing skin management for the rest of his life.

Kobe lost all his incisor teeth and his 2 bottom canine teeth. Our Vet said it was the worst case of dental she had ever seen. Not long after his dental work, Kobe also needed cruciate ligament surgery on both knees. Raphaela used her savings to give Kobe the surgery he needed.  Without this surgery he won't be able to live a full life. Activities like running/chasing and jumping wouldn't be possible and he would be in constant pain , 24/7.

Look at Kobe now, living the best life with Raphaela ! Kobe also follows her to do some work with Pets of The Homeless Australia. Paying it forward she said!  

Every dog deserve a full life !

Cassie - Fear Aggression

We were contacted to get her out from a shelter where she wasn't doing well. People GIVEN UP on her -Cassie was already adopted during her shelter stay but within 24 hours they returned Cassie noting "she is just too much!" Why? because Cassie is a reactive dog.

Sally's Rescues search for the perfect foster to adopt for Cassie and once we found them we quickly got Cassie out from the shelter.

We started giving Cassie (and the foster family) daily holistic behavioral training to build her confidence BUT also the confidence of the foster family. #teachhumanstotraindogs

Across the next 3 weeks, we visited Cassie almost every day, we provided her with structure, socialisation skills, and confidence-building training. Sometimes we just took Cassie for a drive and run errands (drop off donations, pick up pet supplies etc)

Now look at her ! She has developed better confidence all around. Which is the foundation for her to be able to process uncertainty/new things around her without reactivity.

EVEN BETTER NEWS - Cassie has now officially been adopted by her foster family and as a part of our adoption term specifically for Cassie, we asked the adopter to confirm Cassie's enrollment into a well known reputable professional dog training/behaviorist where Cassie can then continue her progress from here on. AND THEY DID! above and beyond our wish for Cassie - they absolutely did and we all can't wait to see Cassie in her new training school , showing the world what a great and clever dog she is!

Buddy - Sweetest Soul with a very traumatic past life

Council stepped in to take Buddy out from a home where Buddy was subject to "fights". Unfortunately Buddy is NOT A FIGHTER so he suffered a lot of scars from other dogs attacking him but also other physical abuse from his cruel owner.

Dogs are amazing souls even after his ordeal Buddy here is THE MOST LOVING DOG AND GENTLE SOUL who just need to be given TLC so he can find his confidence back and be himself again...be a happy dog again. Currently Buddy is sad and reluctant to interact with dogs and very passive with humans ..*We don't blame him! No aggression on Buddy's bones...he tucked in his tail and just wanna be left alone, he will walk away when strangers approach .

He wet himself when he arrived at his foster place , breaks my heart to see how petrified he is with humans. But after 10-15mins he is ok and started to explore the yard. Buddy is now settling slowly at his foster to adopt home.  He sleeps on the multiple beds they have for him , although he occasionally choose to hide in the home office room.

His latest vet visit was not a good news for him, he will need ectropion and entropion eye surgery. A genetic condition where his eyelids rubs his eyeballs. Left untreated , this can cause ulcers and loss of sight .We need your help to get Buddy the surgery he needs, if you would like to help,  you can donate to https://www.mycause.com.au/p/256791/help-heal-buddy or via the bank details at the bottom of this page. 

Stay tuned for Buddy's journey to a full life....

Remix - Crippled by his extreme anxiety

We were contacted by the shelter almost a month ago to help Remix, a beautiful boy crippled by anxiety *shelter environment also adds to it. However, at the time, we didn't have the right foster for him so off we go searching for THE foster for Remix hoping that by the time we found the foster Remix will still be at the shelter

The key to a successful rescue and rehabilitation of a dog is finding the right home. Without this, the dog will just endure more uncertainty, trauma, instability etc.

After a long search, we have finally found THE foster family for Remix and look at this picture taken the minute he arrived at their home.

Stay tuned for his progress updates


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