"We just couldn’t sit, watch and do nothing"

Sally Plumb
Founder / Feline Welfare Advocate / Catery Owner

Sally has always loved animals, regardless of their size. She was drawn to nature from an early age, and now dedicates her time to fight for those without a voice.

"We have to be the voice for them"

Amy Stania
Feline & Canine Welfare Advocate / Co-Founder

Furry mum to a staffy named Rosie and 2 cats , Siamese and Ragdoll

Amy has always loved animals, regardless of their size. She is a mother of 2 young kids and 3 pets.  One of her cats was adopted through Sally’s when she just started getting involved with the rescue group.

Some people go to therapy, Amy rescues cats and dogs instead! Having been active in the rescue world for around 4 years, she enjoys making a difference to those that can’t help themselves but also making a difference in people's lives, assisting them as they can no longer care for their pets or matching them up with their new furry family member.

"We have to take responsibility and protect these dogs from those who seek to profit from them"

Raphaela Lesmono
Canine Communication & Psychology / Co-Founder

Active Member of Pets Of The Homeless Australia

Raph got involved with animal rights and environmental issues after seeing a documentary on factory farming at university. She has always loved dogs since a young age. Growing up, her family had big dogs such as German Shepperd, Rottweiler, Beauceron, Great Dane, and Neo Mastiff. 

Although she loves her professional work in the AI/Robotics and Digital industry, she left her corporate life to pursue her passion in animal welfare. She started using her own savings to help dog owners & dogs in need, and or giving free dog training lessons. Her dog Kobe was the catalyst for this group and what Sally's Rescues stand for. 

She is also actively supporting Pets of The Homeless Australia, delivering pet supplies to those struggling with caring for their fur best friend.

In her spare time, she enjoys being at home with her partner Paul and her 3  rescue fur kids: Zoey, Kobe, and Duke.  Her late dogs Misschief and Bear were also rescued; one from a puppy farm and the other from a kill shelter.

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